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  • Training and Learning, developmental activities within the Co-op provide accessible resources to a diverse range of groups and individuals to improve their knowledge, skills and quality of life at all stages of their development. 

  • Sustenance Training and Enterprise Kitchens will provide space to assist and encourage food entrepreneurship and education around healthy eating as well as hosting space for food-based events.​

  • Family Support Services, this service provides accessible resources to families and individuals in order to meet their social, emotional, physical and mental health needs in an inclusive, confidential, welcoming environment. The service aims to address local needs,, access available funding and collaborate with other service providers including therapists.

  • The Community Garden promotes inclusion through accessibility and activities aimed at a broad range of service users, including educational, social and event hosting. The garden also produces food/plants/seeds which are used for consumption in the garden cafe.

  • The Garden Cafe is a vegetarian cafe offering a welcoming space where people can relax and socialise while providing wholesome local food with a varied menu accommodating a range of dietary needs.

  • The second-hand clothes shop, provides quality goods while also acting as an information point for activities within the Co-op.

  • Events: to promote integration within the community through organisation of and participation in social and cultural events.

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