Call  085 1352088 for Daily Menu and to place orders

The Garden Cafe is part of the East Clare Community Cooperative which is based in Scariff, County Clare. During the 30 years that the Cooperative has been in existence, the cafe, like the Cooperative, has undergone many changes.

Various people from the local community have taken their part in running the cafe. As different people have been involved they have also brought along new and exciting ideas. In more recent years The Garden Cafe has become a very busy place providing healthy home cooked vegetarian lunches and delicious cakes for the community.
The Garden Cafe has seven staff members, all of who endeavour to provide a welcome space and good service for people to eat in. We aspire to serve healthy, nutritious food at an affordable price with food sourced locally where we can. The community garden at the back of the cafe grows fresh salad leaves and pesticide free vegetables which we use in our cooking when available. The Garden Cafe provides a friendly environment in which to meet people and share good food and chat.


The Garden Café               

Take Away Service 

The Garden Café at the East Clare Community Co-op is delighted to once again open our doors from

Open - Monday to Friday.
Due to the size of the café and the current requirement for social distancing, we will ask all patrons once they have been served to move out of the serving area.

Should you wish to stay and socialise, we encourage you to use the Community Garden at the back of the Cafe. Our main food offering will continue to run as a Take Away service which has become established in recent weeks.

The ordering process from our Take Away menu remains the same i.e. call 085 1352088 to place orders.



Call 085 1352088 between 9.30 AM & 12.30 PM to place your order.


By Card, using Contactless Payment upon Collection or by CASH.


Collection time between 12.30 PM & 15.00 PM .

All food collection will now be done from the Café.

Thanks to everyone who has supported the Café since                    re-opening, we wish you all well as we continue to navigate these difficult times.