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Frequently Asked Questions

If you would like to visit us we can give you a tour of the co-operative and explore the values and ethics behind our Co-op.  Until then please see some relevant answers to questions below!

  • What is the East Clare Community Co-op
    East Clare Community Co-operative is a non-profit Co-operative providing a range of activites and services, each of these services has their own vision and mission statement. Together they form a centralised hub of community activity in Scarriff
  • What do we provide in the community
    East Clare Community Co-operative supports and provides local employment and support services for the communty of Scariff and its surrounding catchment area of East Clare. Empowering people through learning, networking and community engagement.
  • Services at the Co-op
    Services at the East Clare Community Co-op include:The Vegetarian Cafe, Second-hand Shop, Community Gardens, Family Support Services, Enterprise Kitchens and Training and Development, all of which support social inclusion, reducing social isolation, providing accessible resources to the community, families and individuals in order to meet their social,emotional,physical and mental health needs in an inclusive welcoming environment.

Even more question? Contact Us!

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